wild dog rose started as a an idea, and eventually formed itself into a small, eccentric tea & book shop in louisville, ky. our mission is to provide all natural products that further your path to community, education, and well-being through ritual. our selection of tea and other goods are here for our community to experience nature’s gifts to their fullest potential.

we believe that you deserve to satisfy yourself while nurturing your mind, body, and soul.
we provide tea, healing herbs, crystals, essential oils, and books on a variety of subjects.


tea & botanicals: motherwort, chamomile, damiana, lemon balm, rose hips, jasmine pearls, bao zhong oolong

interests & passions: herbal healing properties, taking baths, drawing & painting, drinking tea, eating delicious food, traveling, yoga, fine art of the late 1800s – early 1900s, hairdressing, crystals, astrology, & exploring the self

books & music: any botanical or tea book, self-help books. boards of canada, pinback, stars, braids, chelsea wolfe, air, most radio rap, women of the 90s

inspirations & mentors: my lovely parents, jon becraft, my very dear friends


tea & botanicals: puerh, earl grey, chai, chamomile, rose hips, milky oolong

interests & passions: tea (obviously), feminism, almost any outdoor activity – hiking, paddle boarding, biking, ceramics, travelling

books & music: harry potter, the girl with the dragon tattoo series, written on the body, and everything by roxane gay. rilo kiley, neko case, kendrick lamar.

inspirations & mentors: neko case, bell hooks