Welcome to our ever-changing menu

We pride ourselves on having an extensive tea and herb menu that is fluid and expansive.



White Tea

Bai Mudan [2] : (China) Light body with a lingering honey finish

Darjeeling White (Rare), Poobong Estate [3] : (India) Sweet earthy nose with light liquor

Rose [2] : (China) Bai Mudan tea with hints of rose and cherry

Silver Needles [3] : (China) Specialty white with a sweet, delicate flavor


Green Tea

Cherry Rose [1] : (Japan) Sencha green tea with rose petals and hints of sweet cherry

Genmaicha [1] : (Japan) Sencha green tea with toasted and puffed rice for a subtle savory kiss

Gunpowder [1] : (China) Hand-rolled leaves with a delicated, fired flavor

Jasmine Green [1] : (China) Lightly oxidized green tea with fragrant jasmine blossoms

Jasmine Pearls [3] : (China) Hand-rolled pearls kissed with the fragrant sweetness of jasmine (2-4 steeps)

Matcha [3] : Powdered shade-grown tea offers powerful antioxidants and a potent flavor

Moroccan Mint [1] : (China) Gunpowder green tea mixed with refreshing mint

Serene [1] : (Japan) Sencha green tea blended with chamomile, peppermint, and lemongrass

Singlo (Boston Harbor) [1] : (China) Classic Chinese green with mild savory finish

Wild Strawberry [1] : (Japan) Sencha green with light, refreshing strawberry and papaya notes


Oolong Tea

Bao Zhong [3] : (Taiwan) High mountain oolong leaves a sweet honey finish (up to 7 steeps)

Black Dragon [1] : (China) Earthy and fragrant classic oolong

Jade [3] : (Taiwan) Lightly oxidized – complex with delicate floral notes with a long lasting finish (up to 7 steeps)

Milky [3] : (Taiwan) High mountain oolong offers mild sweet, buttery notes

Nilgiri Frost (Rare) OP [3] : (India) Frosted leaves of India deliver a delightful fruity sweetness

Ti Kwan Yin [2] : (China) Light, flowery nose with balanced smooth finish


Black Tea

Apple Spice [1] : (Sri Lanka) Black tea with cinnamon and dried apples

Assam CTC BOP Organic [1] : (India) Fast-steeping tea with rich, full-bodied flavor

Black Currant [1] : (China) Black tea with smooth, sweet black currant

Bourbon [1] : (China & India) : Blended black tea with notes of caramel, char, and vanilla

Ceylon, Orange Pekeo, Pettiagalla Estate [1] : (Sri Lanka) Heavy body, tannic with a smooth finish

Chocolate Mint [1] : (Sri Lanka) Sri Lankan black tea perfect for dessert with mint and chocolate notes

Christmas in a Cup [1] : (Sri Lanka) Black tea spiced with cinnamon, orange peel, and clove

Congou China (Boston Harbor) [1] : (China) Smoky nose with a hint of sweetness

Darjeeling Autumnal Organic FTGFOP-1, Avongrove Estate [2] : (India) Full-bodied with rich, robust flavor

Darjeeling First Flush Organic FTGFOP-1, Selimbong Estate [3] : (India) Bright, green notes with lingering finish

Earl Grey [1] : (Sri Lanka) Most popular flavored tea is a Sri Lankan black tea kissed with bergamot

Earl Grey Lavender [1] : (Sri Lanka) Black tea with bergamot, French blue lavender, and cornflower petals

Earl Grey Decaf [2] : (Sri Lanka) The world’s favorite flavored black tea — decaffeinated

English Breakfast [1] : (China) Blended Keemun black tea yields a rich, full-bodied flavor

English Breakfast Decaf [2] : (India) Blended Keemun decaffeinated black tea

French Vanilla [1] : (Sri Lanka) Ceylon black tea with hints of sweet vanilla

Ginger Peach [1] : (Sri Lanka) Sri Lankan black tea with dried peach and ginger

Golden Puerh [3] : (China) Fermented black tea with intensely rich, earthy notes

Indian Chai [1] : (India) Nilgiri black tea with cardamom, cinnamon, and other spices

Kentucky Blend [1] : (China) Rich and earthy blend of Chinese black teas

Kenya Dryer Mouth [1] : (Kenya) Kenya’s Lelsa’s Estate black tea with bold flavor

Lapsang Souchong [1] : (China) Chinese black tea that was smoked over a bed of pine needles

Orange and Spice [1] : (Sri Lanka) Ceylon black tea with cinnamon, orange pieces, and lemon balm

Pomegranate [1] : (Sri Lanka) Black tea blended with pomegranate, cranberries, rosehips, and blackberry leaves

Pumpkin Spice [1] : (Sri Lanka) Black tea kissed with notes of pumpkin, almond, and cinnamon

Rose [1] : (Sri Lanka) Black tea mixed with rosehips and rose petals

Southern Pecan [1] : (Sri Lanka) Sri Lankan black tea with pecans, walnuts, and white chocolate bits

Yunnan Ying Ming China [1] : (China) Classic black tea with a full body and slight earthiness



Herbal Tea

Catnip Organic [1] : Acid reflux, anti-stress, withdrawal symptom relief, sleep aid, menstrual cramps

Chamomile Flowers Organic [2] : Body aches, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, mild tranquilizer

Damiana Leaf Organic [1] : Aphrodisiac, balances hormones, fights infertility, nerve tonic

Elderflower Organic [1] : Clears upper respiratory tract, fights colds/flu, skin tonic, fever reducer

Hibiscus Flower Organic [1] : Vitamin C, enhances herbal blends, calming

Lavender (Lavandin) Flower Organic [2] : Anxiety, calming, headache reducer, skin healer, sore throat

Lemon Balm Organic [1] : Relieves tension, aids in respiratory healing, helps allergy attacks, antidepressant

Licorice Root Organic [1] : Adrenal stimulant, ease allergic symptoms, mild expectorant, indigestion

(**Avoid if you have hypertension, heart issues, thyroid issues, kidney disorders**)

Marshmallow Leaf Organic [1] : Anti-inflammatory inside & out, fights cellular aging, laryngitis

Mullein Organic [1] : Gentle expectorant, mild sedative, helps chronic cough & congestion, anti-inflammatory

Peppermint Leaf Organic [1] : Chest & nasal congestion, headache relief, stress relief, eases nausea, antiseptic

Rooibos Organic [1] : Anti-aging, eases headaches, allergies, insomnia

Rosehip Organic [1] : Anti-aging, immunity, packed with vitamins, energy tonic, antidepressant, antioxidant

Valerian Root Organic [2] : Intense tranquilizer, quiets mind, strangthens eyesight (**Low doses recommended**)

Yerba Mate Organic [2] : Fights fatigue, sex tonic, builds resistance to stress


Herbal Blends

Blossoms of Health Tea Organic [2] : Red clover herb, nettle leaf, ginkgo leaf, red clover blossom, meadowsweet herb, calendula flower, gotu kola, lavender flower, chamomile flower, and stevia

Blueberry Infusion [1] : Blueberries, apples, hibiscus, cornflower, raisins, elderberries, currants

Blues Tea Organic [2] : Nettle leaf,  St. John’s wort, damiana leaf, spearmint leaf, valerian root, and stevia

Cup of Serenity [1] : Lemon verbena, rooibos, chamomile, lemon blam, linden flowers, anise, cinnamon, hops, orange peel, and passion flower

Echinacea & Roots Organic [3] : Pau d’Arco bark, echinacea pupurea root, dandelion root, roasted dandelion root, cinnamon chips, burdock root, sassafras bark, ginger root, and stevia

Energy Maté [1] : Maté, lemongrass, spearmint, gingko, ginseng, nettle, calendula, cornflower, and sunflower

Fecundi Tea Organic [2] : Spearmint, lemon balm, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, raspberry leaf, oatstraw, alfalfa, ginger, and lemon peel

Fidnemed Nighttime Tea Organic [2] : Lemon balm, hibiscus flowers, skullcap, passionflower, hops flowers, valerian root, and lavender flowers

Ginger Orange [1] : Ginger, orange peel, and lemongrass

Happy Tummy Organic [2] : Catnip, spearmint, lemongrass, calendula flowers, skullcap, rosemary, sage leaf, and fennel seed

Herbal Coffee Organic [2] : Roasted dandelion root, roasted chicory root, roasted carob, and organic maca powder

Love Tea Organic [3] : Rose petals, damiana leaf, orange peel, roasted cacao nibs, cinnamon chips, vanilla beans

Moon Ease Organic [2] : Spearmint leaf, cramp bark, vitex berries, skullcap, marshmallow root, passionflower, and ginger root

Persephone’s Tea Organic [2] : Burdock root, dandelion root, oregon grape root, eleuthero root, yellow dock root, and milk thistle seed

Quiet Child Organic [2] : Spearmint leaf, catnip, chamomile flowers, skullcap, raspberry leaf, calendula flower, and stevia

Rooibos Chai [1] : Rooibos, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, black and white pepper

Seasons of Discontent Organic [3] : Nettle leaf, fennel seed, lemongrass, spearmint leaf, bee pollen, calendula

flowers, peppermint, red clover blossoms and herb, lavender flowers, blue vervain, stevia leaf

Tumeric Chai Organic [3] : Cinnamon bark, ginger root, tumeric root, cardamom, fennel seed, vanilla bean, cloves, black pepper, cayenne powder

Vanilla Rooibos [1] : Rooibos, French vanilla, and almond slivers

Winter Spice Organic [2] : Eleuthero root, cinnamon bark, roasted dandelion root, astragalus root, orange peel, ginger root, roasted chicory root, licorice root, cardamom, and cloves